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Your people are your business. Let us help you bring the right people inand connect them together like never beforeusing DISC.

what can DISC Training do for your organization?

Developed by famed Harvard psychologist William Marston, DISC is the world’s most validated and studied behavioral assessment tool. DISC is used to help measure and explain how individuals prefer to work, receive feedback, and communicate. Facilitated by consultants with decades of DISC experience, our training will allow you to:

  • Equip your people with self-awareness in the workplace. Encourage them to uncover underlying motives and stressors.
  • Implement more productive ways to handle conflict and solve problems. 
  • Improve working relationships by fostering understanding of the different ways in which team members prefer to communicate ideas, receive feedback, and debate alternatives. 
  • Manage team members more effectively thanks to a greater understanding of their dispositions and priorities.

What does DISC measure?

DISC is an acronym for four primary behavior drivers: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Put simply, this assessment tool tells us how we operate. In theory, each style elicits certain behaviors or observable characteristics, but no one style is better than another. Because no driver predicts or precludes success, top performers can rank anywhere on this behavior spectrum.

Even so, we have found that successful people are self-aware people. They know their strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage the positives, while minimizing the negatives. You can count on DISC to give you this power.


How you respond to  problems and opportunities.



How you influence  people and contacts to your point of view.


How you respond to change in terms of  pace and consistency.


How you respond to  procedures and constraints set by others.

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