Sales Development

Ready to scale your business? Good, so are we. Perhaps you’re transitioning away from an owner-led sales structure. Or maybe sales have plateaued under your current team. Whatever your quandary, Encore can help significantly change your growth trajectory.

We start by getting to know your operations intimately. Then we map out a playbook, customized for your business. Step-by-step, Encore will show you how to develop a winning sales process—and thereby, a winning sales team.

  • Break through plateaus
  • Devise clear, measurable sales goals
  • Structure your team more effectively

standardize & Customize your Performance Metrics

Track and define the deep metrics that reveal gaps in performance opportunities for improvement in your sales process. We’ll help you create a shared scoreboard with standardized metrics. Because only then, with every member of your sales team on the same page, steering in the same direction, will your business achieve full potential.

Comprehensive Services, tailored to your specific needs

No two businesses are alike. Even within the same industry, organizations  have vastly different challenges and needs. That’s why we target your obstacles to growth with personalized, laser precision. Our sales services cover the board, including:

  • End-to-end sales process
  • Sales coaching
  • Compensation & organizational structure
  • Data management & CRM implementation
  • Forecasting & account planning
  • Territory alignment & management
  • Sales performance metrics
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